Teka Strohm,
German Origin




Welcome to your comfort zone

Borne of our passion for developing the finest products for your home,
we proudly present our new brand specializing in bathroom products: Strohm.

With more than 100 years of history in this sector, combining quality, usability and efficiency in everything we do, Strohm bursts intensely into the world of bathrooms, with the mission to offer experiences that turn the most intimate gestures of everyday life into meaningful moments.

A hot shower after a busy day, getting ready for that special occasion we have been waiting for, tiny footprints on the bathtub and endless fun, a moment to gather our thoughts, being good to ourselves because we deserve it…

Today, the bathroom is a place where we spend time, and we also dedicate ourselves to our loved ones. A place in which we renew our body, mind and spirit. That’s why Strohm is here today. To adapt to all your needs, with a wide range of products and services that will make your bathroom a place you love.

Welcome to your comfort zone.

Brand values


Here at Strohm, we don’t just design bathrooms for homes, we design them for people. Our vast range of installations, fixtures and fittings invites you to build your bathroom, one dream at a time. We share your vision and help it come to life from the first moment, thought by thought, tile by tile, piece by piece.


We offer outstanding design and a firm commitment to our customers’ wellbeing, safety and peace of mind. Just as you take care of yourself and those you love with all you have in you, we support that care, by offering innovation and quality you can trust.


This is your time. You have earned it. An intimate moment to yourself to refresh and reflect, surrounded by essentials that have inspired you and make you feel good”. Strohm is part of this, with its vast range of products and infinite combinations that respond to our customers’ needs and desires. We help them to make their dreams come true.

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