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In our ECO models, our exclusive anti-scale aerator with a 5 liters per minute water flow limiter, means we can achieve water savings of up to 60%, without sacrificing the comfort or the volume of the jet. Its water-softening, self-cleaning function and its stainless-steel filter make it extremely hard-wearing, as well as being easy to maintain. Aware of the value that water holds for our planet, our mission is to apply limitations to the use of safe drinking water and energy, while at the same time offering full functionality to our customers. 


The bath/shower and shower mixers incorporate noise reducers which substantially limit the noise made by water circulating through the tap.

With a standard mixer, the average water flow goes from 12 to 16 liters/minute, depending on the pressure. Thanks to a flow limiter located at the aerator of our ECO mixers, the flow does not surpass 5 liters/minute, regardless of how high the pressure is.

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