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Cuando giras 18O° surgen ideas brillantes

Turn 180°, bright ideas flow

Sometimes, to find a solution, you just have to turn things around and look at them from a different point of view.

180° is a shower unit with an innovative design that allows you to hide the handshower and hose with a gentle twisting motion.

it is convenient, aesthetic and hygienic, and has been designed to help you and your family in your daily care routine.

18Oº rotation

Our rotating shower unit system is patented, which makes 180° a unique product on the market.

Simply twist to use the handshower, which is convenient and functional, and then twist again to hide it and leave a clean, using the head shower, tidy and aesthetically pleasing unit on show.

Why not turn your bathroom around with a 180° unit?

100% invisible

One of the main reasons behind 180° was to create a design that feels aesthetic, decorative, minimalist and functional.

A magnetic mechanism allows you to completely hide the hose when it is not being used.

That means you get a clean and convenient design that is also pretty and aesthetic.

100% clean

It is easy to clean and leaves no spaces where dirt can gather.

Hiding the hose is not only a matter of aesthetics: it also helps to limit kinks and rubbing, which in turn prevents the proliferation of bacteria and germs in general.

0% bacteria

The new Strohm 180° shower unit helps you protect your and your family’s health.

In its Healthy version, an exclusive device drains all the water from the shower fittings. And with no stagnant water in the shower, you prevent skin-damaging bacteria from proliferating.

This system also prevents any dripping and annoying noises after using the shower.

Easy to clean

Remove limescale build-up by simply pressing the outlets with your fingertips.


Avoids any twisting of the shower hose.

Scalding prevention

All our thermostatic mixers are fitted with a
38 °C temperature stop. This device prevents unwanted temperature variations, thus reducing the risk of burns.

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How does Strohm Teka 180° work?

How does Strohm Teka 180° work?

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