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Pursuing harmony amid the contrasts of nature

A set of contrasts

The Itaca collection aims to break up monotony by creating spaces full of contrast.

The taps, washbasins and mirrors exhibit organic and fluid forms, whereas the industrial and geometric shapes of the cabinets blend different materials, textures and colours.

A collection full of personality, modern and very flexible, where balance is found between opposites.

The contemporary experience

Designed for creative and inquisitive people looking for unique and highly original solutions.

The collection offers a myriad of combinations for stunning effects using different volumes, colours and textures. Wall-hung cabinets fitted with towel racks in wood and metal in various colours, taps and sizes, and countertop resin basins with led mirrors in organic triangular shapes.

Metallic Beauty

The Strohm Teka taps with metal finishes are available in a modern and attractive range of metallic colours: black, gold, rose gold and bronze, giving your bathroom a unique feel. Black, gold, rose gold and bronze, give your bathroom a unique feel.

These colours are achieved by using a chemical process with 400ºC steam to increase product durability and provide a non-fingerprint finish. This steam treatment is respectful of the environment, managing to achieve a highly resistant result that exceeds that of conventional paint. The finishes are UV resistant and both colour and shine remain unchanged over time.

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