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About the product

Innovation and design

About the product

Welcome to your comfort zone

Our product design and innovation team strive t continuously improve our products, so that they fully reflect our brand values: Enabling, caring and inspiring.

We create products that are easy to use and which promote care, safety and respect for the environment, as well as inspire and care for their users.

The best and most efficient bathroom solutions in terms of innovation and design.


In addition to the functional features, we enhance the value of our products by highlighting their emotional aspects.

Features and innovation which have a truly significant impact on people’s lives.


Good design touches one’s heart. It inspires, simplifies and provides shortcuts to daily routines.

As a brand, we create products designed to delight you, to bring a sense of harmony, pleasure, comfort and fulfilment.
Our products tell stories of which memories are made of.


Come and live the Strohm experience at our Showroom in Madrid, a stunning and unique space located on the 22nd floor of the Icon Tower in Madrid.