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Healthy Series

 0% bacteria
 0% dripping
 100% health


Healthy, the shower system that enhances your quality of life.

Innovation and care

The new Healthy thermostatic shower by Strohm cares for your health and that of your family.

Thanks to the automatic release of the water retained in the shower column set, Healthy guarantees total sanitation of the ducts, as well as eliminating any possibility of dripping and annoying noises once the tap is turned off.

Healthy is responsible for eliminating the risk of bacteria generation due to water stagnation, protecting your skin and providing a safe and pleasant shower experience.



Helping to prevent diseases with drain water technology after each use.

Child protection

Safety temperature stop at 38 °C to prevent scalding. We take care of you and your family.

Scalding prevention

All our thermostatic mixers are fitted with a
38 °C temperature stop. This device prevents unwanted temperature variations, thus reducing the risk of burns.

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